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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pretty Brooch- Cool finding at flea market

It was a good day ... the sun shines brightly, as a subtitutes to a several gloomy sky for the last view mornings. So I managed to asked my wonderful husband to make sometime for a relaxing stroll along Mainz river, ... and as I suspected, the flea market was on! I couldn't help my self but to ask him to make a small turn to the flea market. And, as always, he agreed.
I did have several items in mind, but the flea market was very crowded, as there has been several cancellation previously, so the anticipation was high. Luckily enough, i managed to find these beautiful items just below 5 euro .. and one of the piece which is my favorite for only 1 euro ... what a day indeed! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

peach brooch

another day with my crafting tool. using satin, tulle, and some lace ... my hand and brain syncronized quite well :p ... well, i think so :p ... so here is my new craft for today :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

cute purple necklace

I was overwhelmed with the intensity of creativity in Etsy, ... would love to be able to make some sell there, not merely because of the money but because it is a place where artisan also a buyer, so getting some appreciation there is like an appreciation of your own taste ... erhhhm ... haven't got any sales yet, but hopefully this necklace will win some hearts :)

going peaches

Hi all ... been a slack due to some unexpected great holiday! :) ... however I wasn't at all being a couch potato, rather I fiddled with beads, lace and embroidery ... and viola , here are my new stuff at etsy :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What style is the chair????

I found this at ... very useful :)

What is your style? What style is that chair?

I confess....This is a cheat sheet for myself. I buy and sell furniture and often have to figure out what period the particular furniture piece fits into.

Use it to figure out your style, and come back often, as I will add to this list over time.


Quick Chart Identification

Quick Chart Identification

Quick Chart Identification

1805 Egyptian style Klismos Chair,

Renaissance Style Chair

Elizabethan chair, 1620 The Geffrye Museum.

1587 Elizabethan style

Louis XV Armchair 1715- 1774 Rococo

Louis XV Upholstered Chair 1715- 1774 Rococo

Louis Cane Chairs

Louis XV Style Bergeres 1715- 1774 Rococo

Louis XV Style 1715- 1774 Rococo

Louis XV Style

Louis XV Style

Louis XV fauteuils Chairs French Painted

Louis XV Style 1715- 1774 Rococo

Louis XVI-style Chair Cir: 1600 Baroque style

Chic French Painted Louis XV Bergere Chairs

Louis XVI-style Bergere Baroque style Cir 1600

Chic French Country Tapestry Louis XVI Settee Sofa

Louis XVI-style large scale Marquis, 1600 Baroque style Neo-classic design

Louis XVI

Louis XVI style Giltwood Caned Chairs

Louis XVI Chairs~ Pair of Chic French Country Painted

Louis XVI

Louis XIII Style Chairs

Louis XIII Style

Louis XIII Style Chairs

French Scallop Carved Distressed Armchairs



French Regence-style fauteuil in blue paint finish

1765 Neo-Classical Chair

Swedish Neo-Classic Style Arm Chair 1765

Swedish Gustavian- Square Back striped sofa couch

Spanish Colonial Mexican high back side chair 1900 hand carved oak

Chippendale Chairs 1718-1779 18th-century

1837-1901 Victorian Balloon Chair

English Walnut Queen Anne Chairs

Ladder Back chairs 1718-1779 18th-century Honeysuckle

Acanthus Ribbon Back 1718-1779 18th-century

Empire styled rocking chair 1800s solid mahogany

Chippendale Bench

Chippendale Ribbon Back 1718-1779 18th-century

Slat back Chairs

Chippendale chairs 1718-1779 18th-century Gothic

Duncan Phyfe Dining Chairs Sheild Back

Duncan Phyfe Dining Chairs Sheild Back Prince Wales

Leg Identification

Sheraton Styles

Regency ArmChair 1804 by George Smith.

1900 carved mahogany balloon back chair

1940's Wing Chair

Barcelona Chair

Butterfly Chair

Dutch Armchair

Harlow Tufted Slipper Chair


Italian Tall Slat-Back Arm Chair ...

Klismos Chair

Pair Antique Abalone Inlay Cane Chairs

PLYWOOD LOUNGE Eames Reproduction

Tub Chair

Leg Identification