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Thursday, July 29, 2010

window shopping

my current afternoon activity ... window shopping , and by that i mean literally standing outside the shop and drooling over the colourful combination which they display ... :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

fiddling with beads

i have been busy lately fiddling with my beads which i bought somewhere last week. they are just so lovely and precious, make me a bit afraid to turn them into something just because they are lovely as they are :D ... before i got to that process of being 'creative' or experimental ... wanna show off this lovelies i found on a shop in darmstadt ... :D .. thanks to a friend recommendation we went like mad in that shop :)

flower power

in love with combination of used materials, beads (of course) and ribbon ... inspired me to be fiddling with these :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

wire and woll

i like to experiment with things ... mixing texture and pushing possibility. the other day i come across this wire, used to cover up fences and such. wondering there should be something more to it than just that. i fiddle with it in my room slash workshop. so i decided to explore it into a cap for side table lamp. and it is actually, i just need to pull the wool in and out between the wire. the wool can be arranged to be organic or even geometric ...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

metal paper craft

the material for today's diy project is metal paper craft (as you might guess from the title :) ) ... loving the metal paper so much because it is colourful, has great texture and easy to turn into many shapes. above all i love the metal paper because it is easy to emboss. you can turn this material into many things, just as these pictures showed. but you do need to be very careful with the sharp edges :)


arts in the city

Friday, July 23, 2010

diy-2 : flooring!

flooring is cool, but it can be boring if you leave it plain. you need something to drag your eyes not just to walls but also to your floors. reason to that is to ensure your interior looks complete ... here is my diy project for you to apply :) ... g'luck!

diy-1 : colourful sheer

ok ... it is time to get creative! here is one of the Do it Yourself published in 2006 ... it is simple and you can easily find the material in the nearby shop, cheaply. all u need is that twist to be imaginative :)

book in the city

i had a lovely afternoon the other day with my hubby. he was off from work so we decided to have a little stroll to sud Frankfurt. sud is german's for south. it was very comforting. was it the weather? was it the company? bet it is both :) ... it was just so laid back. people were everywhere with their casual and light clothing, as currently we are having summer til august. they chatted away in many of the city's corner, with their salad or menu book to order. clinging hands. tingling feeling. dine in with their love ones.

amazed with these light atmosphere we continued walking a couple of blocks until we ended up in almost a plaza, since it is not big enough to earn that name, but it is an area where people gather, ... and to our surprise ... in the middle of it was a cupboard! ... i was thinking to my self ... who was crazy enough to bring their cupboard for a stroll??:p ... but when we got closer, it was actually a bookcase. what make it distinctive is the function of it ... to provide readings for any passerby who just cant get away from reading ... and with such peacefulness who wouldn't? ... to our surprise again, the bookcase is actually functioning very well. as i was standing there amazed, a couple of guys and girl were browsing through the racks of books. coming from a place where people can't hardly walk on pedestrians (where they supposed to)i found this little antique bookcase is a sign of sensitivity. thumbs up. well thought public service. simple. not expensive. yet got people in their hearts. loving it : modest and dedicated.

my first craft working box

it's official that i am a crafter :) ... not necessary a professional one for now, but gradually making my self more in my zone. i got my first crafting box so i don't end up having so many plastics labeled with different types of tools and stuffs. it is not that big around 12x30 cm in size. but it so gorgeous with its yummy wood smells ... loving it ...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

it's here!

i was out all day yesterday when the big box containing things i needed to get started arrived!!! :) happy happy happy ... when i finally got home ... i saw it and totally overwhelmed ... i got my first art and craft box, ... beads which i desperately needs and a cool additional gift (it's a book written in german, .. thanks god for pictures that can say million words) ... ok gotto go now. doing some serious unwrapping :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

here it is!

finally ... all the buzz is worthed!:) here are my creations. tell me what do you think and buy them if you falls in love with them please... of course to browse more of these delicious stuffs kindly click on The Products under the essentials ... many thanks:)!

all the beautiful things

inspiration is not cheap. yet it is also not expensive. it is not easy but not necessary rare. you just need to be more creative in using your perception on things. but most of the time it is very acceptable to just accept things as they are and embrace the qualities. another words saying, you can be inspired through many ways. good books. good conversations. good pictures. good attitudes. even good blogs. anything is possible as anything inspires. to wrap it up, this part of my entries shows you range of inspirations i found through out my life, just click Inspirations on the labels to get you started. hope they also inspire you as well ...

Crafts or nothing at all!

in these next posts ... i will be uploading many of my do it yourself crafts (hope this is the right term). these are easy projects which i bet you all can master it easily. i was lucky enough to get them published into a book. so please be very careful in downloading the content. please don´t copy and distribute or even publish it as it will put me in trouble. please use this to uplift the creativity in you, just by clicking Do It Yourself under the Essentials label. more over you are very welcome to contribute :)

my love for interior

my background is architecture. but who can resist the beauty of colour, shape and texture of interior? intriquite detailing? and the list will go on. so yes, i am in love with it. so in these category i will show you around some of the most i heart interiors. might be generous also by sharing sneak peak of my project. past or current and even future. so, buckle up. get busy with ur keyboard, just in case you will be copying some of the tips :) ... do click Interior under the Essentials label, go on you got my blessings :)!

waiting for my beads

I am in germany right now. a little bit out of my comfort zone. not just because I do not know the language but because i dont know ways to my favorite shop for arts and craft :)) ... so my husband was being an absolute angel as he has always been, offered me to buy some of the essentials items online. they are not the cheapest way around but still if you include time and transportation ... it all become a Ok offer. so i googled it with him, and bumped into a couple of online shops. they have absolutely beautiful things!! but on my limited euro version budget, i have to stay humble ... so i manage to get some beads at sale´s price. and i am expecting them delivered so i can start get creative!! hopefully they reached my place safely ... will definitely recommend this place if they are as wondeful as promised ... finger crossed :)

Hey Du!

Hey Du! ... or in English means Hi You! ... yup, hey me ... it is may be just a line of a friendly gesture but for me it is a wake up call. (by the way hey du is german for those who might not know it, which i doubt of course :p). I have this dream to have my own shop for my love for arts and craft. many years passes and yet, me and no shops. try to get rid the dream but it gets strongger. so help me god, .. i am writting this blog to encourage me and hopefully other to start that little step toward their dreams, ... hopefully we all make it oneday ... ameen ... :) ... so Hey Du! lets make our little step today :)