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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pretty Brooch- Cool finding at flea market

It was a good day ... the sun shines brightly, as a subtitutes to a several gloomy sky for the last view mornings. So I managed to asked my wonderful husband to make sometime for a relaxing stroll along Mainz river, ... and as I suspected, the flea market was on! I couldn't help my self but to ask him to make a small turn to the flea market. And, as always, he agreed.
I did have several items in mind, but the flea market was very crowded, as there has been several cancellation previously, so the anticipation was high. Luckily enough, i managed to find these beautiful items just below 5 euro .. and one of the piece which is my favorite for only 1 euro ... what a day indeed! :)


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